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Seals from the Near East: story of a method

Aniello Fioccola - Translated by Luisa Lupoli

Simonetta Graziani illustrates the different typologies of seals, spread together with the cuneiform writing, analyzing the several studying methods

Kite in China: story and magic of an ancient art

Fabiana Andreani - Translated by Luisa Lupoli

The rich story of kites in China told during a lesson by Confucius Institute

“Harlem Renaissance”: the evolution of Afro-American blackness

Luisa Lupoli

Professor Martin Favor from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, outlines the process of maturation and rebirth in consciousness and literature of black people from Harlem

Luigi Einaudi: Exhibition on view from March 12 through May 23

Azzurra Mancini

The exhibition “L’Eredità di Luigi Einaudi” – inaugurated by the President Giorgio Napolitano – has been organized for the 60th anniversary of Luigi Einaudi...

Ethics and science: a Faustian drift danger

Aniello Fioccola - Translated by Luisa Lupoli

Janusz Janeczek tells about the risks of a scientific research mainly based on the desire to be the first

Male identity: a new book

Redazione - Translated by Azzurra Mancini

During the event – organized by the PhD Program in Cultural and Post-colonial Studies in the English-speaking World – Stefano Ciccone accounts for the main subject of his...

Donald E. Pease and “The New American Exceptionalism”

Azzurra Mancini

On the 16th of March, Donatella Izzo – professor of Anglo-American Literature at “L'Orientale” university – introduced professor Donald E. Pease, author of the book “The...

Logonyms in Leonardo Bruni's "De Interpretatione recta"

Author: Azzurra Mancini - Translation: Azzurra Mancini

Francesco De Sanctis’ heritage: the sixth stage in the course of readings

Author: Raffaella Sbrescia - Translation: Luisa Lupoli

Biagio De Giovanni and Giacomo Marramao introduce the event at the San Carlo Theatre

Canadian Hybridities: when Art and Technology meet

Maria Izzo and Marialberta Lamberti - Transl. by Luisa Lupoli

Naples, March 24th 2010 – The speaking tour about Canadian Hybridities began at S.Maria Porta Coeli Building, chaired by Angela Buono and Marina Zito

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