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25. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Seals from the Near East: story of a method

Aniello Fioccola - Translated by Luisa Lupoli

Simonetta Graziani illustrates the different typologies of seals, spread together with the cuneiform writing, analyzing the several studying methods

25. 04. 2010| Arte e cultura

Passage to Buddha

Davide Aliberti - Translated by Luisa Lupoli

For the third meeting of the season “Things from the Other world. Cinema and religion in Asia”, the Buddhism Studies Centre takes us to the south of Korea with the fifth work...

16. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Kite in China: story and magic of an ancient art

Fabiana Andreani - Translated by Luisa Lupoli

The rich story of kites in China told during a lesson by Confucius Institute

14. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

“Harlem Renaissance”: the evolution of Afro-American blackness

Luisa Lupoli

Professor Martin Favor from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, outlines the process of maturation and rebirth in consciousness and literature of black people from Harlem

13. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Luigi Einaudi: Exhibition on view from March 12 through May 23

Azzurra Mancini

The exhibition “L’Eredità di Luigi Einaudi” – inaugurated by the President Giorgio Napolitano – has been organized for the 60th anniversary of Luigi Einaudi...

12. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Ethics and science: a Faustian drift danger

Aniello Fioccola - Translated by Luisa Lupoli

Janusz Janeczek tells about the risks of a scientific research mainly based on the desire to be the first

8. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Male identity: a new book

Redazione - Translated by Azzurra Mancini

During the event – organized by the PhD Program in Cultural and Post-colonial Studies in the English-speaking World – Stefano Ciccone accounts for the main subject of his...

7. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Donald E. Pease and “The New American Exceptionalism”

Azzurra Mancini

On the 16th of March, Donatella Izzo – professor of Anglo-American Literature at “L'Orientale” university – introduced professor Donald E. Pease, author of the book “The...

7. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Logonyms in Leonardo Bruni's "De Interpretatione recta"

Author: Azzurra Mancini - Translation: Azzurra Mancini

7. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Francesco De Sanctis’ heritage: the sixth stage in the course of readings

Author: Raffaella Sbrescia - Translation: Luisa Lupoli

Biagio De Giovanni and Giacomo Marramao introduce the event at the San Carlo Theatre

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