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7. 04. 2010| Eventi e convegni

Francesco De Sanctis’ heritage: the sixth stage in the course of readings

Biagio De Giovanni and Giacomo Marramao introduce the event at the San Carlo Theatre

On the 12th of April, at 19 o’clock, in the evocative setting of the San Carlo Theatre in Naples, the De Sanctis Foundation is going to present the reading of some passages from “Il Principe”, the famous treatise on politics written by Machiavelli in 1500, and some extracts from the Correspondence and from “La Scienza Nuova” by Giambattista Vico, the famous Neapolitan philosopher.
The actor Alessandro Preziosi will read passages from the two works. Each reading will be preceded by a critical introduction by Biagio De Giovanni and Giacomo Marramao, two important representatives of the Italian cultural and literary circles.
Biagio De Giovanni, professor of Philosophy of Law since 1964, taught at the Universities of Bari and Salerno, and now he teaches in Naples at the “ L’Orientale” University, of which he has been Rector from 1986 to 1989. Giacomo Marramao is a philosopher and professor of Theoretical Philosophy and Political Philosophy at the “Roma Tre” University. He is also Director of the “Basso” Foundation and member of the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris.
To take part in these readings you have to get the free tickets at the Theatre itself from 10 o’ clock of the 12th of April until they are sold out. It is one of the events organized by the “Francesco De Sanctis’ heritage” project: it is like a journey in literature and poetry which actors, critics and cultural representatives will make their contribution to. As already happened during the first course of events, the initiative means to involve the audience, even and especially the youngest.
The San Carlo Theatre has done its best for a long time in order to help the cultural promotion in the Universities in Campania, and between March and May there will be a special campaign for “under 30”, which will provide conventions for the season-tickets to the symphonic season, the opera and the ballet.
 To take part in these readings you have to get the free tickets at the Theatre itself from 10 o’ clock of the 12th of April until they are sold out.

Autore: Author: Raffaella Sbrescia - Translation: Luisa Lupoli

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